Deep learning plan for Drupal 8

Posted on 03/07/2016

Majority of our projects are still done in Drupal 7, simply because of stability and the number of available modules. Even though everyone in Drupal community is talking only about Drupal 8, it will definitely need even more time to catch up.

Meanwhile, it's finally time for me to seriously start picking up Drupal 8. This will be the fourth time: I started working with D5, shortly after moved to D6 and finally D7, with which I spent the most time. So far, the biggest change was D6 -> D7, but that is still nowhere near the number of changes D8 brings.

Single file TODO

Posted on 13/03/2016

There are thousands of apps, websites, scripts, extensions and whatnots that help you deal with personal TODOs, and I've tried a fair number of them. Major ones, unknown ones, ugly, fancy, functional, paid and free. Which one I find the best? Single text file. I'll explain why.

Disqus vs Drupal Comments

Posted on 12/03/2016

Comments are something we expect on any website that publishes articles or blog posts. Because of increasing number of sites we visit every day, certain projects are trying to change the way discussions are lead on the Internet. Disqus is one of the biggest attempts to consolidate and standardize communication on websites.