Keeping code on GitHub and

Posted on 22/08/2016 encourages developers to host all of their Drupal-related Open Source code directly on This is great, because all your OS code will be associated with your account and you will get a lot of extra features such as issue tracking, release publishing, ability to reference other issues and so on. However, current interface of website is not the most user friendly, especially when you want to have a quick look at the code of a contrib module.

That's where platforms such as Github, Gitlab, BitBucket and others can be helpful.

Deep learning plan for Drupal 8

Posted on 03/07/2016

Majority of our projects are still done in Drupal 7, simply because of stability and the number of available modules. Even though everyone in Drupal community is talking only about Drupal 8, it will definitely need even more time to catch up.

Meanwhile, it's finally time for me to seriously start picking up Drupal 8. This will be the fourth time: I started working with D5, shortly after moved to D6 and finally D7, with which I spent the most time. So far, the biggest change was D6 -> D7, but that is still nowhere near the number of changes D8 brings.